RiCK signs Nick Mcfadden for 2019 as JD beach heads to superbike!

RiCK Rider Hayden Gillim chilling in the rain pre-race.

RiCK Rider Hayden Gillim chilling in the rain pre-race.

RiCKdiculous Racing is proud to announce its partnership with Owensboro, KY native Nick McFadden! After working with Nick for the past few years, Team RiCK saw Nick as a perfect fit to fill the spot left by JD Beach after getting the nod to move up to Superbike.

“We are really excited to be a part of JD’s move to Superbike and we can’t wait to help JD be as successful as possible in the SBK class. With the seat opening up, we thought Nick would be a great addition to our team for 2019. We’ve spent a ton of time around Nick and felt that it would be a really productive partnership for 2019,” said team President Josh “RiCKy” Bronfman.

With riders in all the major classes, RiCKdiculos Racing looks to be a part of three different championships at the end of 2019!

RiCK Riding Director Ken Hill chats with’s Ryan Adams in between film sessions.    Photo Credit: Evans Brasfield

RiCK Riding Director Ken Hill chats with’s Ryan Adams in between film sessions.

Photo Credit: Evans Brasfield

“The Best Investment You Can Make For Your Motorcycle Is The RICKdiculous Racing School”

Earlier this summer, the RiCK family had the pleasure of hosting the crew from, who came and spent two days immersing themselves in the RiCKdiculous Racing Private Coaching School. They left with not only a new approach to motorcycle training/riding, but much faster and safer lap times! Check out the full article HERE!


In 2017, owner Adam Bronfman and his son Josh Bronfman decided to take their love for motorcycles and speed to the next level.  After years of training and running their own school with the top coaches in the world, racing was the next step.  Now in the 2018 MotoAmerica season with signed riders such as Hayden Gillim, Nick McFadden and Gauge Rees, they are changing the way people view the sport and grabbing podium results along the way! 



Hayden Gillim #69

Born in Philpot, Kentucky, Hayden Gillim is part of a family of legendary racers including Nicky Hayden. Starting from the day he could put his feet on the footpegs, Hayden started racing. In his first year racing dirt track he won the AMA Amateur Grand National Championship, then went on to race WERA and in 2008 he got selected to race in the Red Bull Rookies Cup. With focus in both dirt track and road racing, Hayden has been an unstoppable force in the MotoAmerica Supersport class, finishing 2nd overall for the season! @hayden69gillim


Nick McFadden #16

Owensboro, KY native Nick McFadden joins Team RiCK after working under the team’s tutelage over the past few years. Nick comes off an awesome 2018 season where he finished 5th in the Championship standings. Look for big things with Nick and Team RiCK in 2019!


Gauge Rees #46

Gauge Rees hails from Roy, Utah where he started his racing career in the Masters of the Mountains race series. In 2017, Gauge rode to 17th in the Superstock 600 class. For 2018, Gauge is racing in the Liqui Moly Junior Cup class aboard our Rickdiculous Racing Yamaha R3. @gaugerees46

we fixed motorcycle coaching.

Rickdiculous Racing is a family owned and operated company that is dedicated to providing the safest and most personalized learning environment for anyone interested in being a safer and more competent motorcycle rider. We provide a maximum student to coach ratio of 2:1 which allows us to focus on what each rider needs. We do not have sessions! We do not have groups! With only a maximum of 10 students on track, we are able to come on and off the track at any point!

Our program is unparalleled, best-in-class motorcycle rider coaching. We focus on what you need to be a safer and faster rider. Often it’s just you and your coach on the track, making it a safer, more repeatable environment. This environment allows you to work on the specific things holding you back, with 100% focus and dedication in a no-pressure environment.

This isn’t just a track day with a professional giving you some pointers. Everything done is with the deliberate intention of improving your rider awareness, engagement, and execution on, and off, the bike. With Personalized Coaching, our coaches do a full assessment of your current riding technique. With years of professional experience, they will help break down your riding fundamentals all the way down to its foundation and then coach you through building it back up.

Your personalized coaching session is unique to you and your riding, but every day starts the same. That is, with you and your coach setting your intentions and focus. Perhaps it’s building repeatable habits entering and exiting corners. Or adjustments in your body timing and positioning. Or choosing reference points. Whatever it is, your coach will not only help you identify them, but come up with actionable steps for improvement.

Video is a powerful tool during your coaching day. Anyone can stick a GoPro on a motorcycle and have rider footage, but it’s the professional assessment and interpretation that sets us apart. Cumulatively, our coaches have decades of experience performing, and coaching, at the worlds highest standards. Track sessions are promptly followed by in-depth analysis of your riding. The Rickdiculous binder is yours to take notes. Track maps are included so you can better understand the nuances of each turn.

We have also added something that no other motorcycle coaching entity has, a car that all coaching students will drive at some point during the day. We found that students dramatically increase their learning when given the chance to work on their inputs with a coach next to them. As Ken likes to say, “I guarantee you drive the car the same way you ride your motorcycle!” We provide this experience to put students in an extremely low risk scenario to maximize their learning, and ultimately translate the skills they acquire in the car to their motorcycle.

We supply all our students with SD Cards and Binders filled with unlimited paper so you can take your video and notes home with you and continue to review and learn from your Rick Day. We hope that even when you aren’t at a Rick Day, that you are referencing your notes and video no matter what motorcycle you ride!

1:1 Coaching —> $2,000.00

2:1 Coaching —> $1,500.00

RiCK Development Camp (3-Day Camp) —> $5,000.00


Payment/cancellation & Rental equipment

+For Detailed Payment/Cancellation and rental equipment information, please contact Ken Hill at or (510) 755-3638


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